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Hi! 👋
My name is Chris Ippolito, and I’m the host of the GetCoached360 podcast.
What makes the GetCoached360 podcast different from other podcasts for entrepreneurs is that I’m on the same journey that my listeners are on. We are both entrepreneurs who are learning how to build a business while juggling the responsibilities of being a parent, husband/wife, and a full-time job.
Each episode of the GetCoached360 podcast answers the most important questions that entrepreneurs who are stuck at their 9-5 job have. Helping them get one step closer to replacing their job with the income from their business. 🤑
I started the podcast because of the impact that a coach had on me when my life wasn’t where I wanted it to be. And now that I know the value coaching can bring, I want to share that with other entrepreneurs struggling that same way I was and currently am.

I’m passionate about supporting my fellow entrepreneurs because…

👉 I know firsthand the pain of not providing the lifestyle you want for your family. 😖
👉 The frustration of knowing you were meant to be more than a cog in someone else’s machine. 😠
👉 And the loneliness of being an entrepreneur surrounded by people who don’t understand your desire to serve others. 😞
The GetCoached360 podcast will deliver even more value with additional content, resources, and coaching with your support. Membership will be coming soon, so in the meantime, I’d love to hear what you would like to receive as a supporting member.
Send me a message today, chris@getcoached360.com, and help shape the future of GetCoached360! 🤩

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