Apply Spiritual Principles For Business Success

Now, some of you may have already rolled your eyes as soon as you read the word “spirituality.” It is entirely understandable. Spiritual principles have always faced skepticism, let alone a spiritual approach to business. However, I have been around this concept of spirituality my entire life in the household I grew up in. My mom was a very spiritual person, so I am a lot more open-minded to it than many other people would be.

I want to tell you that it is not what most people think it is. It is not the strange, hocus-pocus people say it is. To help us understand what a spiritual approach to business is, we have John Brocas. He is a Spiritual Business Coach and Evidential Spiritual Medium. He is an author of many books on spirituality and the afterlife. He is also an Editor-In-Chief of a growing spiritual magazine focusing on all aspects of spirituality.

In this episode, John will share his unique approach to business and help clear up misconceptions. The foundation of his plan is love, forgiveness, and compassion. John believes that there is a spiritual source of grief when someone struggles to move forward with their goals. He is passionate about helping people get over that grief because he wants to see people succeed. He has been there, and he wants to give back. In my opinion, John’s approach is more altruistic than woo-woo.

If you are curious about how you can apply the divine laws to your business and marketing, this episode is for you.

Episode Summary

  • A skeptic is only someone who has not had the experience. In business, you do not have to focus solely on convincing the people that doubt you, your product, or your service. Instead, you must focus on what you want to offer and the value it can add to people’s lives.
  • Believing in a higher power and allowing it to guide you is much like maintaining a positive mindset. You allow good energies to drive you so you can pass it on to someone who needs it.
  • Goals only serve as a milestone. Aim for transformation to make yourself better.


Covered in This Episode

[01:46] Putting Your Faith in a Higher Power

[08:37] Skepticism on Spirituality

Bringing Spiritual Law into Your Life & Business

            [10:57] Spirituality is the power of thought

            [15:35] Rebuilding oneself from the inside out

Communicating with People from the Afterlife

[17:39] What exactly does John do?

[22:28] Messages from the other side

[24:39] How John communicates with the afterlife

[26:06] Helping people who are suffering and going through grief

[27:23] John serves as a radio receiver

[29:33] Recommended Books on Spiritual Studies

[31:55] Incorporating Spiritual Principles in Marketing

[38:13] Recap: Dealing with Skepticism

[42:22] Marketing Approach: Provide a Solution from the Heart

[43:41] Aim for Transformation, Not to a Particular Goal

[47:04] Perceive, Believe, Conceive

[47:44] How to Contact John Brocas



Thoughts Are Things by Prentice Mumford

The Greatest Salesman in the World by Og Mandino

How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie

Silver Birch

Gladys Osborne Leonard


Guest Information

Website: https://www.exponentialspiritualcoach.com/

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/awarenessandaction

Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/jockbrocas/

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jockbrocas/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/jbsmcoach

Podcast: https://play.acast.com/s/awareness-and-action

Deadly Departed: The Do’s, Don’ts and Dangers of Afterlife Communication

Episode Transcript

Chris Ippolito 0:59 

Hi, John. 


John Brocas 1:00 

Hi. How are you doing, Chris? Good to see you. 


Chris Ippolito 1:03 

I’m doing great, great to see you. Welcome to the “Get Coached Podcast,” glad to have you on. 


John Brocas 1:08 

Oh, I’m absolutely delighted to be on. I’m excited and I hope everything is going really well for you. 


Chris Ippolito 1:14 

It is, yeah. I’m sure we’ll get into that a little bit because of the topic we’re going to be talking about. But yeah, it’s been a while. Actually, we originally connected, I think, back in like November of last year, and then we had our intro call in January. Yeah, it’s awesome. 


John Brocas 1:32 

The intro call was quite fun, if I remember it right. 


Chris Ippolito 1:34 

It was, yeah, it was. I’d love if we could start with you sharing your story, your journey, and help the audience connect a little bit with you. 


John Brocas 1:46 

Absolutely. Well, let me just start by saying that anybody can build something out of nothing, and I’m an example of that. Because I’m an author, I’m a well-known author now. I have a very unique ability that we spoke about, I have been a known medium throughout the world. I’ve lectured in everything from schools, colleges, businesses. 


When my publishers brought us to America, nobody gives you a handbook on how to live in America, it’s really strange. You land here, you have this whole idea of the land flowing of milk and honey, but you don’t really have a job, you don’t really have savings, you don’t know what to do, you don’t have a car, and you don’t really have a place in society here. 


What I did was I utilized basically all of the spiritual skills and tools that I had at my disposal, with my wife, I created a business out of nothing, basically a laptop and a phone, and I set up a marketing company. I was guided in the right way by a higher power to the right people, people that needed help, and it developed from there. Of course I then utilized those skills, I developed a content marketing agency which has done very well, and that has grown. 


As an author, you have this persona and people sometimes have the wrong idea of what authors are and how we actually live. But many, many authors write in order to teach and share knowledge and wisdom. Which is what I did, I didn’t write stories to earn millions of dollars. You don’t actually know how you’re going to live, you have to be creative. When you put your faith in a higher power, that creativity becomes easy. 


I started a company. I remember going to Walmart and, as people understand, I bought a phone. Because we didn’t have any credit, we didn’t have anything, we didn’t have a car. We had given a lot of our stuff away in Scotland to the poor, to other people that needed things, and we just came here with a hope and a dream. If I can set up a company from nothing through just an old laptop and a phone, anybody can achieve anything that they put their mind and their divine power toward. 


How I got into the coaching side of things is utilizing those skills. I specialized in companies that were suffering, that had a great need on them, that couldn’t pay the bills. I remember one story I can actually share was I went into this little restaurant, I met the guy there, he was beside himself, he was ready to lose his shirt off his back, his business, his home, his family. He couldn’t pay me for nothing and I remember saying, “Well, I’ve got nothing better to do, I can help you, and you can pay me in sandwiches.” 


I did, I utilized those spiritual skills, and I helped to turn his business around. Then one thing led to another, he then got an offer from a very big, shall I say, Jewish organization that builds hotels. He then brought me in when they had a meeting with him and I became their SEO Director, then I went from there to being an SEO Director. I was still lecturing and teaching from my knowledge. 


That kept on going, I kept on helping companies to develop strategies based on spiritual principles. At the end of the day, when we look at these spiritual principles, they have been here since the year dot. 


The coaching side then came when people would approach me. In one particular way I had someone approach me to help a friend of theirs because they weren’t doing any business. They were working with a coach, they had been working with a coach for many, many years and weren’t getting anywhere. I said, “Well, I can sit in and see what I can do.” 


Within, I think, 40 minutes, 50 minutes of sitting there I utilized other spiritual skills that I have and realized that the reason this person wasn’t moving forward was because of the grief and the guilt that he was suffering through the loss of family members on the other side and the guilt held within that. I have to say the person was rather skeptical. Once we dealt with this and we were able to sow that seed through the information that came through, then he was able to be coached. Then I took those spiritual skills, mixed them with my marketing skills, and the rest is history. 


That’s how I fell into coaching. I now do it from a very, very unique perspective, helping people that are suffering spiritual crisis, have tried everything, and don’t know where to go. That was my story. 


Chris Ippolito 7:20 

Yeah, thanks for sharing. That was part of the reason why we had, initially, a more extended conversation than I normally do. Because the household in which I grew up in, my mom was a very spiritual person. I’ve been around that mindset my entire life and I would say I’m a lot more open-minded to it than a lot of other people would be. Because, obviously, I’m sure there’s even a few people that are listening and as soon as that first mention of spirituality they go, “Oh,” like they rolled their eyes. 


But you mentioned something, there’s two things I was hoping that we could dig into. You had mentioned one thing of spiritual principles, I’d love to dig into that more. As well as, and I’ll ask it now in case I forget later on, but the skepticism that you’re probably faced with quite regularly when you do bring up your approach. Whichever one you want to start with, let’s go there. 


John Brocas 8:37 

Let’s go into the skepticism, okay? Then I’ll jump onto spiritual principles because then we can head into a number of things from there. But in terms of the skepticism, what’s a skeptic? You’ve got two types of skeptics. You’ve got a pseudo skeptic that it doesn’t matter what you say or how much evidence that you bring forward in a scientific way, they will never believe it. The reason they will never believe it is because there is a great deep of subconscious fear within them that it would throw their whole world upside down. 


Then you’ve got other skeptics that are open skeptics, actually, and this might shock a few people, like myself. I am quite skeptical. Therefore my evidence, what I do, has to weigh up and it has to stand the test of time. I’m an open-minded skeptic, if you like. But there are people who are skeptical and the reason is because they don’t understand it. 


Now all a skeptic is is someone who hasn’t had the experience. Because if they have the experience, that will sow the seed that makes them question, that makes them seek, and makes them look for a deeper wisdom within themselves. They’ll look at things in maybe a broader sense and maybe not so much on a material sense. 


A skeptic to me is just a person who hasn’t experienced that awakening. I have to say, look, there’s a lot of new age people, there’s a lot of airy-fairy type spiritual people. You know this, Chris, I’m as grounded as you are going to get, actually. I don’t run about in kaftans, I don’t hold little crystal balls, and I only wear flip-flops when it’s sunny. I’m as normal as you’re going to get. I do like a whiskey every now and again, and everything else that goes with it. 


A skeptic is a person who just hasn’t experienced something that’s out of the realms of science, really, and that’s all it is. It’s the same with the paranormal. Someone who doesn’t believe in the paranormal is someone who hasn’t had the experience. At the end of the day it is just divine law and action, it’s normal. 


Now if we jump, because I’m not going to harp on about that too much, but let’s jump onto the spiritual principles. I’m going to mention a name to you and you’re going to go, “Aha,” and so will everybody else. Dale Carnegie. We read his books. Then there’s the Thoughts Are Things. We have those type of books that millions and millions of people have read. Then you’ve got Og Mandino, The Greatest Salesman in the World. 


Chris Ippolito 11:26 

Right. Actually, I have that book. I’ve got that book, I’ve got How to Win Friends and Influence People, which I’ve referenced many, many times on the podcast. 


John Brocas 11:36 

Now let’s break down those books. If you break down those books, every single one of the principles that’s based on the success that they teach is based on spiritual law. 


Chris Ippolito 11:50 

I could see that, especially Og Mandino’s The Greatest Salesman, yeah. How to Win Friends and Influence People, yeah, I suppose you could connect them. 


John Brocas 12:03 

Absolutely. Listen, How to Win Friends and Influence People, you’ve got the law of karma in there, you’ve got the law of responsibility in there. 


Chris Ippolito 12:08 

Yes, that’s true. Yeah, law of reciprocity. 


John Brocas 12:10 

It is spiritual law, no matter how you look at it. If you and I were face to face in this comfortable office, if we were in and we had that book out, I could easily find every single spiritual principle that basically creates success and creates the mindset. Positivity, the higher power, utilizing visualization, believing, it is all spiritual principle. Let’s take religion away from it. Everything that exists exists through thought. Thought, whether you believe in God or whatever you call it, it is an expression of divine law, of God’s love in action. Everything that exists in this world only exists because of the spiritual force that animates it, even the minute atoms. I can argue this with scientists until the cows come home. It is based on energetic principle. You can even look at the boson. 


Chris Ippolito 13:26 

Oh, the Higgs boson. 


John Brocas 13:27 

Higgs boson, that structure. 


Chris Ippolito 13:32 

The “God particle” is what they were referring to it. 


John Brocas 13:36 

It’s spiritual law, it’s divine law, it’s spiritual principle. Every successful person, every successful business, every individual has the same power as another individual and it is all based on spiritual law. Why not bring spiritual law into your life in terms of coaching, into your dreams and aspirations, your business? I mean if I can start a business out of thin air, out of nothing. I’m no different to anybody else. I just use spiritual law. 


Chris Ippolito 14:08 

Right, okay. Now with your explanation, I think what you term “spiritual” a lot of people might term as “mindset,” or even just the power of thought and whatnot. I’m glad that we went that route because that might help other people who are listening that originally were like, “Ugh, spirituality,” they started rolling their eyes and thinking, like you said, the woo-woo stuff. 


John Brocas 14:39 

“He’s another one of them.” 


Chris Ippolito 14:40 

Like crystals, astrology, and all some of the other stuff that are a little, “I don’t know.” Because the power of thought, that’s actually something that’s come up quite a few times on the podcast, mindset, thinking the right way in your brain and in your heart. There’s another term, actually, I think some people might use. If you don’t have proper alignment there, you’re going to struggle, is what most coaches will say. It sounds like what you do when you refer to spirituality, and of course correct me if I’m wrong here, John, but you’re helping people in that respect of fixing what’s on the inside so that they can create those results on the outside, the external results. 


John Brocas 15:35 

Yeah, absolutely. I do help them to fix what’s on the inside. What I like to say is I help them to understand the divine power they have within them. But also don’t forget, and this will probably freak out some of those skeptical people, I do help them with spiritual crisis that they may be suffering. That spiritual crisis could be through severe loss that they have, they have lost a loved one, they’ve lost someone in grief. That grief can extend to many different ways. It doesn’t have to be me just communicating with loved ones on the other side. Not all the time because obviously you have to do this under a scientific principle, but oftentimes I can pinpoint the exact point in their life that things changed for them. That can negate thousands of hours of therapy, that can get to the point quicker than anything. 


If I can get to that point quicker with someone that may be under some spiritual crisis, it goes to follow that we can rectify that issue by them rebuilding themselves from the inside out and not from the outside in. Then anything is possible, anything is achievable. Then they’re in the realms of creation. 


Chris Ippolito 17:16 

You had mentioned that you have an ability to help people pinpoint it, and obviously that’s sometimes what people go to therapy or counseling for. What is it that you’re doing differently or what’s the approach that you take? Do you know what I mean? I don’t even know how to ask the question properly. 


John Brocas 17:39 

Oh, let’s just come out with it. Let’s come out with it. For all you skeptic people, I can communicate with those on the other side of life because I don’t believe that death is the end. I’m very well known for the level of evidence that I give. 


If I jump back to the example that I gave you earlier, that gentleman whose life was upside down. I never met him in my life, I was able to bring his father through and give names, exact dates, places, all that information that you don’t find on the Internet, very personal information, that shocked him into, “Wow, this is different, this system is different.” It awakens them to other possibilities, other potentialities, if you like. Then sparking that deep emotion to create healing within them. 


Essentially then I always worked with someone who was a coach, who was stuck in their life, and was able to affect that same principle. I’ve worked with leaders in business, leaders of organizations, leaders of companies, lawyers who are under spiritual crisis. Maybe they’re depressed, maybe they’re suffering from serious anxiety. They’ve been to counselors, they’re not getting what they get out of it. They can’t move forward in their business, they can’t move forward in their company. The dreams that they have seem so far away that they don’t think that they can achieve it. 


Sometimes it’s often through the grief that they are experiencing in their life, and it could be even that they lost a son, they lost a daughter. It doesn’t have to be a mom, dad, or whatever, it could be anyone, it could be a friend. Something in their life has been the causation of where they are now. I will utilize spiritual skills and my unique abilities to target that and effectively help them to learn from it and move forward. As well as me then bringing in normal coaching skills, understanding marketing, principles, and that kind of thing. 


It’s a very unique combination that I never really went out looking for, Chris, it happened. It happened because someone was already suffering and I was asked if I could help. After I did that, it was like, “I can make a bigger impact in people’s lives.” It’s not just about me and my staff putting out so many posts a month and different articles that we write for clients. I can impact them in a bigger way. That’s how I look at it and that’s how I move forward with it. 


Chris Ippolito 20:47 

Right. I mentioned I’m open-minded to this stuff, but I almost want to take a little bit of the skeptic’s approach. If it’s okay, I want to challenge it a little bit. 


John Brocas 21:00 

Go for it. 


Chris Ippolito 21:02 

Because there’s been a lot of people who have become very famous around being able to do these types of things. The Long Island Medium, I can’t remember her actual name. Then there was the other one. 


John Brocas 21:16 

Theresa Caputo. 


Chris Ippolito 21:17 

Yeah. Then there was the other one who was very popular on, was it, Oprah, she would be there all the time? Sylvia Browne, I think is her name? 


John Brocas 21:26 

Sylvia Browne, yeah. 


Chris Ippolito 21:27 

Yeah. I believe in both cases they were found to be, in a sense, frauds, and/or were playing up what it is that they could actually do. I can’t remember if you said it was in the books, but you said you’ve been able to provide evidence as far as how you’re able to do it. You did make a key statement earlier that I thought was really interesting that a lot of those people don’t, you say, “Not all the time can I do this.” Do you mind sharing maybe a few stories as far as how can you provide some evidence, or are there some stories that you could share around that? 


John Brocas 22:18 

Okay, in terms of we’ll take the marketing side of things and just go into that particular aspect. 


Chris Ippolito 22:24 

Yeah, just a little bit. 


John Brocas 22:28 

I’m going to give you an example of something that happened that is not very normal even in the mediumship realm. 


We had a visitor that had visited us from the UK. They were coming over, enjoying their time, and things like that. We went to a restaurant for a meal one night and, as ladies do, they waffle on about all sorts of things, shopping and god knows what else, that we are not normally interested in. I then stared at a picture at the back of the restaurant that caught my eye, and before long I started to get communication. I knew that the communication was not for any of them, but it was for someone that was connected to the visitor. 


I gave a lot of information, including names, exact times, including situations that had happened within the last 48 hours that had to be written down on a napkin, that she wrote down on a napkin. She had no idea of anything, including times and things, very accurate information that everybody would say “no.” She went back to the UK with that napkin, she then went to meet the person, who couldn’t verify it, who then had to make some calls. Everything was, I want to say, 98% accurate, including the names, the times, what happened within the last 48 hours of that time, who they’d actually met, the name of the person they’d met, all of that information was validated. You can’t really measure that in any scientific way. Who’s telling me that? 


Chris Ippolito 24:27 

For you is it something that you can normally call upon? 


John Brocas 24:33 



Chris Ippolito 24:34 

It happens and all of a sudden you’re like, “Oh, hang on”? 


John Brocas 24:39 

I wrote a book called Deadly Departed: The Do’s, Don’ts and Dangers of Afterlife Communication. I don’t normally mix this, this is not what I normally would mix. But when people are calling upon spirits, that’s like conjuring spirits, it’s very dangerous, you don’t know what you’re dealing with. 


For me, I can put a prayer and a thought out. If I have an appointment with someone, it will happen if it happens. It’s a scientific process. It’s never guaranteed, nobody can guarantee anything. But I have a unique skill where I can feel very subtle changes. I’m clairaudience, I hear things very clearly. 


It’s not something I would call upon. Because that’s dangerous. You call upon something, you don’t know what you’re getting. We’re going into a completely different realm and I could talk for hours and hours. If you want to learn a lot more, then I have a YouTube channel that’s all about this kind of thing, I’m very grounded and very scientific in my approaches. 


It’s not something that I would just say I’m going to go and do and, “I’m looking for this person.” I’ve got to do it from a scientific point of view. But that’s just an example of how strong the evidence can actually be that could stand up to scientific scrutiny. 


The other thing is I don’t do it for fame, fortune, or anything like that. I do it because people are suffering and I help them. Bringing that ability to my coaching is incredibly unique. Because, think about it, if someone is really not getting anywhere in their life. I’ve worked a lot with veterans, let’s say a veteran comes off and he wants to do his own thing. He doesn’t want to work for Joe Shmoe, a 9:00 to 5:00 job. He’s got a dream that he wants to do and he just cannot get it. If I can sit with that individual and I can identify the problem, help them to recognize it and move through it, then teach them all the skills that they need for business, isn’t that wonderful? Isn’t that amazing to be able to impact that person in that way? I’m using it to impact people’s lives. 


Also, when people come to me when they’re suffering through grief or they’re suffering through loss and it’s not marketing, it’s not coaching, they’re just coming to me for that reason, then it’s the same principle. The science has to be backed up and the evidence has to stand. 


Here’s the other thing I want to put clear. It’s not me that’s doing it. I am nothing special. I am a radio receiver. I receive information and I just give it out. There’s a lot of mediums that put themselves on a pedestal, “Look at me, this is the coolest thing ever. I am this and I am great.” I am merely a tool in God’s toolbox and I get chosen to be used as and when it’s required. If it can impact someone’s life in a good way, then of course that’s what I want to do. But obviously I have a passion for marketing, I have a passion for coaching people in business and in leadership roles. Why not blend that? It’s unique. Nobody else does it in the way that I do it. I do it in my own way. 


Chris Ippolito 28:17 

I 100% agree. Thank you for answering. Because I know it wasn’t originally where we were wanting to go, but my curiosity took me there. 


John Brocas 28:29 

This is the great thing about these type of interviews because the tangents go off and at the end of day we just go with the flow. I don’t mind, I enjoy it. It’s the first time I’ve brought my other side in, like marketing and things. I normally don’t do it, I’m normally totally separate from it. 


Chris Ippolito 28:47 

Right. Because I think people, especially the ones that are a little, “I don’t know if I believe in that.” You had mentioned that you’ve got a YouTube channel that you dig into this stuff a little bit more. What’s the name of the YouTube channel? I’ll make sure to include it in the show notes, too. 


John Brocas 29:05 

You can just go on, it’s Jock Brocas Evidential Medium. There’s like seven or eight videos, I hold nothing back. People ask me questions, I teach lessons. I want people to learn. I do it from my heart to help people, that’s it. 


Chris Ippolito 29:22 

Yeah. I would say there’s an abundance of books out there, as well. Do you have one maybe top of mind that you would recommend? Your own is okay. 


John Brocas 29:33 

Do you know what? Yes, I have my own, Deadly Departed: The Do’s, Don’ts and Dangers of Afterlife Communication. Yes, I want to plug my own, but I think I want to plug other books, as well. Not modern books, but anything from Silver Birch, who was a very famous spirit guide that came through. That spirit guide was tested by so many queens, leaders, and the information was of such a high level. I’m very skeptical of trance and channeling, I’m very skeptical of that stuff. I have a video on my channel all about it, why it’s not scientific and why it doesn’t stand up. But if anybody wants to really learn anything in terms of philosophy, of spirit philosophy, of spiritual topics, I would say Silver Birch has a very, very good grounding. 


I’m happy to give you some information on that and even some titles, I’m happy to share that with your listeners, I’ll put a list together. A lot of the old books from way back in the day are far superior to anything that’s modern. Because it comes from raw form at the time when it was raw and they were getting it direct from the horse’s mouth, so to speak. There are some very old ones. 


In fact, even on my bookcase there is another one that I would say. Osborne Leonard. Yeah, the mediumship Mrs. Osborne Leonard is brilliant, she’s one of the greatest trance mediums. You can see how the science back then really held its own. 


Yeah, I mean I’m happy to plug my own, but there are some really great old ones out there. 


Chris Ippolito 31:22 

Cool. Yeah, we’ll make sure to include that in the show notes, as well. 


John Brocas 31:25 

Absolutely. I’ll give you a list of them, what I recommend. 


Chris Ippolito 31:29 

The other direction I want to go, because I like marketing, I think marketing is such a fantastic skill to acquire for any entrepreneur or business owner. I’d love to dig into that and your unique approach. Because you had mentioned it earlier, how you had done marketing, but incorporated the spiritual principles. Let’s chat about that. 


John Brocas 31:55 

Incorporating spiritual principles in marketing. Look, when we market something, we can write an article, we can do social media, we can utilize tools to get our brand out there. But there’s a lot about how we utilize that we don’t consider spiritual principles in not selling, but making the emotional connection, building the trust. Which is also part of a spiritual lesson. Understanding karma and how karma can play a role in your marketing. Don’t mislead people, don’t make false promises. There’s a lot of spiritual law in marketing. 


I’ll give you an example. I market in a couple industries, one in particular is in the HVAC industry. I’ve got a group that I started recently, it was on Facebook, and it was really only to bring some fun into a dark time that we’re having now. Instantly you have people say, “Why should I join it? You’re just going to sell to me.” No, it’s there because it’s fun, we have some funny things in there, we’re bringing some lightheartedness, I’m giving you as much value as possible. I’m not interested in selling them. But I know at some point someone is going to ask me questions about maybe how to work in their business, then I will give them as much as I possibly can, then they will probably come at me at some point and say, “Hey, Can you do it for me?,” or, “Can you arrange this for me?” 


I look at spiritual principles in everything that I do. Every message that I give, every article that I do has got some kind of spiritual principle in it. The way that I look at things is in three different ways, love, forgiveness, and compassion. If I can bring those three elements even into my marketing, then the energy of it alone is consistent enough to help to develop relationships in a better way. I’m not all about the vanity metrics and vanity numbers, I don’t really care whether I’ve got 10 or whether I’ve got 1,000 people looking at my stuff. But the one person that I impact, the one life that I impact makes it all worth it. 


When I’m even doing some things for clients, I’m looking at not the client and not their end goal of their money. I never look at the end goal of the income, never. I look at the service. I want to go back to Silver Birch because there’s a great saying that I use all the time, and it’s, “The greatest gift that you can give humanity is the gift of service.” Everything else comes. If I give service and I give willingly from my heart with love, then the money will flow, it will come. It’s natural, it’s divine law, it will come. If I think along those lines, the more that I give and the more that I serve, then it’s going to help them. 


Now recently I had a girl who had put out in one of the coaching groups that we were in, “I really want to do more writing, I really want to get myself out there.” People were saying, “Do this and write about your passion,” and everything else. I went in and I said, “You know what? Contact me, I’m a published author, my books have been published throughout the world. I also have a few new sites, I have this, I have this. Contact me and let’s see what we can do.” The conversation went she did contact me, we got into the conversation, and it’s the same thing, “What’s in this for you? Why are you helping me so much?” I mean I’m all right, I’m going to get good content if she’s a great writer, but, “Why are you going above and beyond to help me?” 


The biggest thing that I can say, and even to do with coaching, I don’t put my hand out to receive what you give me in finance, I put my hand out so I can take your hand, raise you up, and bring you to my level. I put my hand out to pull you up with me, not to take from you. If I can keep that going, again, that’s a spiritual principle. If I can keep that going, if I offer my hand in help and friendship, if I offer my service, and I offer my knowledge and my wisdom to elevate, to bring that person up so that we’re looking face to face and not as some people think they’re looking down on the person. I’m looking to them, I bring them on my level. They get just as much success and grace out of life that I do. That’s the greatest service I think we can give. Yes, at some point the remuneration will come. 


Chris Ippolito 36:49 

Yeah, I really like that one. The main reason I like that principle is because it’s so common, really all religions basically have that as an underlying principle. Anybody who’s been successful tends to want to give back, which is a very common theme, again, with a lot of business coaches that I have on the show. Once they’ve achieved a certain level, because of that journey they’ve gone through, then looking back and going, “Man, I wish I had somebody that would have done this for me,” or with me. Not necessarily for me, but with me. Then that’s why there’s such a great desire for people who’ve achieved certain success in life to want to be mentors or coaches to other people. And having skepticism is fine, right? 


John Brocas 37:51 

Yeah, absolutely. 


Chris Ippolito 37:52 

Right? It’s actually quite healthy because there’s unfortunately some people out there that might be just looking to take advantage. 


John Brocas 37:59 

Especially at this time, yeah. 


Chris Ippolito 38:00 

Yes. However, it’s a little disappointing that some people just instantly go to the negative and go, “Oh, you’re trying to sell me or you want something from me.” 


John Brocas 38:13 

Chris, I’ve had that lately, and this is a brilliant example that I can bring up for you, as well. I own Holistic Therapies Directory, I built Holistic Therapies Directory. I think I spoke to you about this before. It was a bad domain many, many years ago, way back in the early 2000s, like 2006, 2007. I bought it for like $5 or something, I formed that into one of the strongest holistic sites online. Recently, with all the things that have been going on and the negativity in the world, it’s not easy to get into our system. 


It’s a full content marketing system now, it’s not only a directory. I hate using the word “directory,” but it was the old domain. You can actually build a business from it. It’s like a little mini website, you could put content. We promote people, we do interviews, we do podcasts, we promote people all the time. It’s only a few hundred dollars a year. 


But recently, since everything happened, I opened it up and said, “Anybody who’s in the holistic industry who’s actually suffering at the moment because of what’s happening, what’s going on, come and join us free.” I’ve had many people, “Thank you, this is amazing.” I give them plenty of training, I’ve actually even built them a course recently, which I’m about to release with loads of knowledge in it to help them. 


But you still have those people that say, “Well, you’re letting us in free for now, what’s going to happen afterwards?,” or, “Why are you doing this?” I’m like, “Look, after COVID, after anything that goes on, if you want to stay, you can stay, we can work something out. But if you want to leave, you can have this for a year. If you want to leave, leave, it doesn’t make any difference to me.” 


It’s a network community, a community of holistic professionals. At the moment they’re being hit really hard. If I can open my doors and welcome them to help them, I’m going to do it. I don’t care if they stay, they can go on their own merry way. But I’m going to do whatever I can to help them now in their time of need. In the future if they want to stay, then hopefully they will, that’s the thing. 


But there is no underlying sneaky issue about it, there’s nothing there, it’s just open. And some people unfortunately do have that skepticism, they think that you’re just trying to sell them something, and we’re not. Actually, when people are in our group and they’re in our community, they realize that we give them a lot of support, we give them a lot of help. 


Chris Ippolito 40:38 

Yeah. I don’t blame people for thinking that way because there is a lot of people out there in the marketing space who take these very sleazy approaches to how they generate opportunities for their business, whether it’s actual sales and revenue, leads, or whatever it is. Like some bait and switch, or they really play to the pain points and really agitate the pain points a lot. I’m pretty sure I had this conversation already, but we’ll do it again. 


I don’t mind that, I know that is an approach of marketing, to agitate pain points a little bit. But when that’s all they focus on, I don’t really like that. I like the idea of the carrot and the stick, right? The pain point being the stick. Yeah, you agitate it a little bit and remind people of, “There’s this certain pain that you’re currently experiencing that you probably don’t like, let’s make sure we’re on the same page there.” But then there’s also a desired outcome, the carrot, that’s like, “But there’s also this dream or aspiration that you have. And whether it’s my product, services, or whatever it is, I want to help you eliminate, avoid that pain, and pursue that goal and that dream.” 


I really don’t like the marketing approach of just focusing on the pain. Because to me I feel like that’s a very negative way of doing it. You’re creating a lot of negative emotions in people and I don’t like that, I don’t like feeling negative, nobody else should. 


John Brocas 42:22 

I think it’s brilliant, absolutely brilliant the way you’re giving that analogy. One of the things which is very similar, I teach people what’s called problem marketing, but I don’t agitate the problem. What I say is people have a problem and you give them the solution. You don’t sell them the solution, you give them the solution, then you offer them to develop their aspirations and their dreams. 


Chris Ippolito 42:46 

Interesting, I like that. 


John Brocas 42:49 

Don’t sell them a solution. Give them the solution, they have a problem. Anybody that I teach marketing to or I teach in my courses, that person has a pain point, they have a problem. You will then give them the solution from your heart with love, then you will let them know that there’s doors and you can choose any door. I have the keys to the door. I’m going to give you the keys, but it’s up to you to walk through it. I’m going to then give you the tools then that you need, we can work together to get the tools that you need to be a creative force in the universe, to be a creative force in your business, and to succeed on that level. Because you’ve already had the solution to your pain, that problem is gone. Now let’s look forward, now let’s look towards your dreams, your goals, your aspirations. 


Another thing that I say, I have another YouTube channel which is about spiritual marketing, and one of the videos I talk about not to actually try and achieve goals. This is really going to freak a lot of people out listening to this. There is no need to achieve a goal. Because when you achieve a goal, you’re aiming for a particular point and a distance that you reach. But to create transformation and to transform yourself, the goal is already achieved. In the transformation you already have achieved what it is that you set out to do. Because it’s a natural divine law. 


You see? Even in the law of reciprocation, you reciprocate. The way that we sow our seeds or we get things back, you sow seeds. I mean it’s in scripture, it’s in so many spiritual classics that we talk about this. But if we try and get to a goal, that means we’re trying to get to an endpoint. What happens beyond the endpoint? Will you just have another endpoint? 


Chris Ippolito 44:54 

Yeah. That’s pretty much what it is. You achieve a goal, you then set another goal. So on, so on. 


John Brocas 45:00 

Why not transform? 


Chris Ippolito 45:02 

Yeah, just transform. 


John Brocas 45:05 

It’s all there naturally anyway, no matter what you do. Because in the transformation you’re raising your vibration, you have more wisdom, you are learning more about life, spiritual law, living, you’re understanding, you’re compassionate. There is no material blockage that you cannot overcome. The transformation, the goal is already achieved. The goal is an illusion, it doesn’t exist. Because in the transformation it is already there, it’s done. 


Chris Ippolito 45:40 

Yeah. There’s some similar mindset, I suppose in a sense, in the stoic philosophy, which I enjoy quite a bit. I read The Daily Stoic by Ryan Holiday on a regular basis. I’ve also read Meditations by Marcus Aurelius, Letters from Seneca, and all that kind of stuff. They say the same thing, in the stoic philosophy it’s really don’t pursue those things. There’s no need for goals, the pursuit is really to make yourself a better person, transformation. 


John Brocas 46:17 



Chris Ippolito 46:18 

Personal growth. That’s where true joy and true victory comes from. 


John Brocas 46:25 

That’s true freedom. 


Chris Ippolito 46:26 

Yeah, true freedom, that’s right, that’s actually the exact word they say. Yeah, no, I think that’s fantastic advice. I think this is actually a really good point to wrap things up. We’ve talked a lot about very broad subjects here. 


John Brocas 46:44 



Chris Ippolito 46:46 

I’d love to ask the question I ask all guests. Coming out of this conversation, because we did talk about a lot, what would be the one thing that you would suggest the audience take action on now to level up wherever they need it most? 


John Brocas 47:04 

Okay, the one thing I’m going to teach you and the one thing I’m going to share with you is three words, three words that I have taught for many, many, many years and my students all over the world love them. They’ve even made T-shirts with them. Perceive, believe, conceive. Perceive what it is you want in your heart, believe that God or spirit has given it to you, and conceive it into reality. That’s the secret of life. 


Chris Ippolito 47:33 

I like that. It’s simple, it’s catchy, people should be able to remember that. Where can people find you, John, if they want to reach out and connect, learn more? 


John Brocas 47:44 

I drive so many websites, I’m just going to give you two places to go. My Instagram, which is my spiritual side, is @spiritualmedium. You can link with me. Especially at this time, I actually engage with a lot of people, I help people, talk them through things, and whatever. My other one is @jockbrocas, which is my other Instagram which you can get me on. Those will lead you to any of my websites, really. You can also find me on YouTube, I gave that earlier on. I have my YouTube channel, which is the podcast I have, as well, “Awareness and Action,” which you can find on iTunes and my “Awareness and Action” YouTube channel. I’m happy to share knowledge and wisdom with anyone who needs it. 


Chris Ippolito 48:35 

One thing, and we probably should have mentioned this earlier, is you go by “Jock” and “John.” 


John Brocas 48:44 

Because I don’t normally mix the two. “Jock” is what I write under, “Jock” is my mediumship, my spiritual side of things, and “John” is who I market. 


Chris Ippolito 48:54 

I only wanted to mention that just in case people are like, “Wait, Chris keeps calling him ‘John,’ but he keeps saying ‘Jock.'” 


John Brocas 49:03 

“Jock” is Scottish for “John.” When I was in the army many years ago, mainly I was the only Scotsman in there. Everybody called me “Jock” in the regiment, and that’s because I was the only “Jock” that was there. “Jock” and “John” are the same, but it just helps me to segregate the two aspects. 


Chris Ippolito 49:19 

Yeah. Just wanted to clear that up real quick. 


John Brocas 49:22 

Don’t confuse everybody. 


Chris Ippolito 49:23 

Yeah. It’s been a pleasure, John, or Jock, however. But yeah, thanks for being a guest, I definitely think we’re going to stay in contact and have some continued conversations. 


John Brocas 49:35 

Absolutely. Chris, it’s been an absolute pleasure being on “Get Coached” and I can’t wait to share it with the world, God bless. 


Chris Ippolito 49:43 

Awesome. Thanks.