Boring Work Is Trying To Teach You Something

This is a bonus episode and I’m recording it because I’m procrastinating from doing work. And it got me thinking because I’ve spent, let’s see here, I don’t know, three, four hours doing something that is incredibly tedious, boring, and monotonous. No, I shouldn’t say it this way, but there is so much of my being that wants to not do it, just avoid it, indulge in playing games or reading a book or working out, literally do anything but this task. And I keep catching myself having these thoughts and reminding myself that it’s sometimes, I know this sounds silly to say it, but these discomforting moments that you have to push through to test your character, to develop your character, and to get to where you ultimately need to go.


I wanted to record this quick bonus episode, this probably won’t be very long, I just really wanted to share my thoughts on this and, like I said, take a bit of a break from this really boring and monotonous task that I have to do and just record this, share my thoughts, and even get a little personal as far as what I’m thinking and why I don’t like it and seeing if maybe you resonate with this and just know that you’re not alone and really just keep pushing through.


But for me, a big part of the reason why I don’t enjoy doing these types of tasks is that I feel like I’m not learning anything. And that in itself is what’s making it more difficult to push forward and do the work. But then because I catch it and I notice that I’m thinking that way, I just quickly reframe it in my mind as the lesson to be learned is the lesson of discipline and the lesson that sometimes you have to do this kind of work that you don’t enjoy, that you don’t really like. And especially as you’re growing a business, as I am right now, you’ve just got to get it done. And through that experience there are lessons to be learned, they just may not be as evident or as immediately rewarding, which goes to the current culture of immediate gratification that we have and not being able to delay gratification.


In a sense really what I’m experiencing and struggling with is being able to delay gratification and do the necessary work, the dull work, the boring work so that once that’s done, then I can get on to the things that are more gratifying, which I love learning. Which is why when I’m doing some type of task or work that is new to me but I’m learning and I enjoy the learning aspect of it, even though it could be incredibly frustrating, I look at it as long as I’m developing a skill. And I find it really difficult to sometimes identify that I’m developing a skill when I’m doing tasks like what I’ve had to do today, which is basically just research. All I’m doing is looking, doing some competitive research, as well as research ways to help promote my clients. But it’s not really fun, it’s very tedious.


Anyway, I’m repeating myself, I won’t even get into that. But yeah, I just wanted to say that’s part of the journey, whether you’re growing a business or you’re personally developing, is there’s going to be these things that you just despise them, there’s nothing about them that you enjoy doing. But the challenge and the lesson learned here is it’s a lesson of how to reframe your thinking and change your thinking such that you can start looking at the benefits and the positives of it. It’s almost in a sense of practicing discipline, practicing gratitude, and practicing delayed gratification.


There you go, I just helped myself by thinking about this out loud, is that that’s what I’m learning. And now I’m going to end this episode and get back to work and I hope that somebody, anybody, out there takes value in this. And I plan on doing these types of episodes from time to time, maybe more frequently as thoughts like this pop into my head, I’ll just jump on and record a quick episode and just call it a bonus episode and basically release them right away. If you enjoy it, let me know, and I’ll just keep doing it. And if you don’t, let me know, I’m probably still going to keep doing it. Either way, I hope you enjoyed it and best of luck in whatever it is you’re doing. And I’m rambling, take care.

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