2020 - A Year in Review

It’s been a year since I started GetCoached360 and here’s what’s happened in the past year.
  • I’ve recorded Sixty episodes and had over One-Hundred people who wanted to be a guest 🤩
  • I got to interview Bob Burg, the author of one of my favourite books, The Go-Giver 🙏🏼
  • I earned some extra dollars 🤑
Now the goal for 2021 is all about turning the podcast into a business.

Episode Transcript

This is going to be the final episode of GetCoached360 year one. Not ever, just year one. And this first year has been a great year, 2020. A lot learned, a lot has changed throughout the year. And that’s what I want to do with this episode, is just share a little bit about that, lessons learned, how it’s changed, how it’s evolved, as well as what’s to come, what’s the plan for GetCoached360 in 2021 and beyond. But before we get into that, I want to share a little bit more of the story behind all of this. 

This all started in September of 2019. I was pissed. It was the end of the month and what ended up just happening, I’ve shared a little bit about this, but what ended up happening was I was brought into a company earlier in the year, in January. Seven months later we parted ways. And why that ended up happening was I was brought in and sold, really, that I was going to be involved in business development. Strategy, sales, marketing, all of it. But that’s not what they actually wanted, it turned out what they wanted was just another sales guy. 

And a few months into it, because of the misalignment in expectations, a lot of friction started occurring and, we’ll call it, some headbutting. In September 2019, a month before my son Austin was born, we parted ways. Which was obviously not great timing. And then we got married later on in the year. Really not the best timing. But we persevered, we moved forward, and that’s it. 

I mentioned in the first episode that I didn’t want to put my family into that position again. I just finally made the decision and started taking action on doing something, building a business, and that’s where the podcast started. I figured, “Let’s build a platform first, and then perhaps turn that into a business.” 

The really frustrating thing about it all though was that company, they didn’t need a sales guy, the needed a business development person, marketing more so than sales. And I was very eager to help them out with it. 

Regardless, started the podcast, ended up doing some freelance work in a marketing role, and throughout the year of the podcast I learned a ton of lessons. This was by far the best decision I made, was launching the podcast, because I learned so much about myself, about what it takes to launch a business properly. I would even say that I still haven’t done it properly, that’s going to happen here in 2021. But really the three biggest lessons I learned, which is what I want to share. 

One of them being the importance of having a clear why, a very, very common theme among all the episodes for 2020 in year one. And the reason behind it all is it ends up being the fuel that keeps you going. It kept me going, and my why was my son. When he was born in October, or with him coming and me losing the job and just all the things that happened in my sentiments, the way I felt about it, it put my family in a position that I felt really uncomfortable with. I needed that bigger reason why to keep me going. Because motivation had never worked for me up until this point. 

Now when I sit down and I’m doing anything tied to GetCoached360 or the day job or whatever it is and it’s something for the future, it’s thinking of my son and other son, actually, who’s on the way, my kids, my family, that’s what really was my why and drove me forward. And I think a big part of it was that it took the focus off of me. Part of the reason I didn’t want to have kids up until not so long ago was, and I even told people this, I said, “I’m too selfish, I focus on me only and what’s best for me and my tight circle of people that I care for.” But as soon as I had a child, or knew that I had a child coming, yeah, it really took the focus off of me. 

That was a big, big lesson learned this year. I’d known it. This is the crazy thing. I’ve known these things. But until you go through a journey that reinforces it, you don’t truly understand it. 

The second big lesson learned for the year was the value of coaching and mentorship, and why it’s important. With a coach and a mentor you get guidance and somebody who holds you accountable and positive association. Guidance really being, especially on the side of a mentor, somebody who’s walked that path that you are looking to do, they’re going to be able to give you some guidance to right your ship so that you don’t go off course too far of the path you need to take to get to the destination that you’re aiming for. 

Now there’s more to that, but I don’t want to get into it. It’s not that there’s necessarily a destination, there’s points along the journey, but a mentor will help you with that. 

A coach is usually somebody who will hold you accountable, though a mentor will, too. “Coach” and “mentor,” I find, are very synonymous. I know not everybody agrees with that, but that’s just from my perspective of things. But somebody who’s going to hold you accountable. You say you’re going to do something and your coach and mentor is there to hold you accountable. Not directly in a sense of like a boss, but more that you’ve made this commitment to somebody you respect and don’t want to let down, so now you’re being accountable to that. Again, it’s almost like taking that focus off of yourself. In my first point I was accountable to my kids, the commitment that I’m making to provide a better life for them. And then in my day-to-day actions I commit to my coaches or mentors or the guests or people that I’ve connected with through the podcast. 

Association, this one was huge. “You are the average of the five that you spend the most time with,” Jim Rohn. For me I was struggling a little bit to associate with the kinds of people that I was really trying to surround myself with, and the podcast did that for me big time. There were 59 episodes recorded, this being number 60. Of those 59, 2 of them were solo, so 57. And then there were a couple duplicates. So just on the podcast I talked to about 54, 55 different people. And I actually talked to over 100 people who wanted to be on the podcast. And those conversations, sometimes they actually were just 15 minutes. Some of them went way longer because we just really got along and just ended up not building an episode around it. 

The association that I developed over this past year was just amazing. And the people that I’ve now connected with and have started to build relationships with, they’re living that lifestyle that I’m looking to live. So that was a big, big lesson learned and big takeaway for me for this year. 

And then the last one really is the importance of taking action. I was incredibly guilty of this for years and years and years and years. I have wanted to be an entrepreneur basically since junior high, so 12, 13 years old. Launched my first business in a class called Enterprise and Innovation, and since then I just really wanted to have my own business. Made a few attempts in the past and the biggest issue was that I just never took enough action. And in all these conversations I had that was, again, one of the most common themes. Yes, having a plan in place is important. That is, in a sense, taking some action. But where most people fall flat is that they don’t take it any further. 

Myself, what I was very guilty of is acquiring knowledge. A lot of books read, a lot of podcasts listened to, a lot of conversations, whatever they be. And knowledge just isn’t good enough, you need to end up applying that knowledge. A lot of the conversations I ended up having and the lessons learned through the coaches and my guests, I’ll admit, I knew in theory a lot of these things before I started, but the experience of going through and trying to launch the website, launch the podcast, book guests, get guests to be able to share the content to help grow the podcast, trying to figure out how to monetize and generate revenue with the podcast, all of this ended up teaching me the things that I already knew. I was forced to take action. And I’m still struggling in the sense of not having the results perhaps that I’m looking for, but I’m still taking action on a regular basis, every single day doing something that’s trying to move the podcast and the business forward. 

And that is, by far, the most important thing that I’ve learned and would want to share with anybody who comes across GetCoached360, or doesn’t. If anybody were to ask me, “What’s the biggest takeaway you’ve had for this year?,” it was the importance of taking action and not falling victim to being a perpetual student who doesn’t do anything, because that’s what I was. I know a lot of this stuff. Somebody asks me the questions in theories, I got the answers. But I just have not applied, and application is way, way different for whatever reason. 

Those were my three biggest lessons learned. There were many, many more. And still more to come, I’m sure. Now I want to share the plan for 2021. 

Partway through the year I changed the name from “Get Coached Podcast” to “GetCoached360.” It’s getcoached360.com, the podcast is really just the GetCoached360 podcast, or show. The podcast is going to be shifting quite a bit. Last year I did weekly episodes, I released weekly. And to be able to maintain that frequency, I didn’t do really any editing. Very, very little prep work in advance, outside of those 15-minute calls that I use to determine whether the person was somebody that I wanted to have a conversation with or not. And then on the back end I just didn’t do a lot of editing to the podcast. Eventually got people to do some transcriptions for me and some show notes and all that extra stuff, but I’ll admit that not a lot of effort went into it. Because in my mind what I was trying to do was build something very scalable, sustainable, simple. 

The big shift that I want to make is I’m going to be looking to produce quality over quantity. Meaning I’m very unlikely to be doing weekly episodes, I may go down to the frequency of monthly. Odds are it’s going to be monthly, maybe even less frequently than that. But monthly is the commitment that I’ve got for myself. 

Now the business. Starting the podcast was always with the intention of converting this into a business of some sort, whether the podcast became the main business or the podcast was a component of the business. I need to generate revenue, or else what the podcast ends up being is a hobby. And I am not interested in another hobby that has that “maybe” potential to generate revenue. Because I had one of those hobbies for 10 years and it did generate a tiny, tiny, tiny bit of revenue. But a lot of work went into it and not a lot of reward came out of it. Mind you, it was strictly entertainment and this my goal is to add value. 

Now the direction that the business is going is going to be this. GetCoached360 is going to be a coaching and mentorship platform. There’s going to be a community and a support system for anybody who is a part of that platform. One component is also going to be a certification program. With all these connections I’ve made with business coaches and other entrepreneurs, it’s looking to build out certification programs and education programs to teach either entrepreneurs or business coaches how to scale up their business, how to basically add more tools to their toolkit, is a good way to think about it. It’s going to be a membership model where it’s a subscription, so monthly is the model that I’m looking at. I want to deliver as much value as possible, I want to make it so that anybody who sees this is going to think, “I’d be crazy to pass up on that because of all the value.” 

More of that to come. As you can tell, it’s a little bit early on, still in development, a lot happening behind the scenes, conversations with business coaches and partners, strategic partners, to make this work. But really my big ask is if you are somebody who is looking to create that lifestyle, diversify your income, not allow yourself to be a victim to a single source of income which is your job, and my story resonates with you, then you should be subscribing to GetCoached360. At a minimum subscribe to the YouTube channel, subscribe to the podcast, and join the mailing list so that you can be informed on how things are progressing with the coaching and mentorship platform. And at a minimum you’re going to get value out of every episode that I do, especially because I’m going to be looking to put more quality versus quantity. 

That’s all I’ve got for this episode. This has been a great year one. I am thrilled for year two. I am so grateful to all the guests I had, and everybody who has listened and followed and subscribed so far. And a big ask is whatever you are looking for, however I can help, whatever you need support with, do not hesitate to ask. I’m building this to serve, and serve as many people as possible. And yes, I did mention that I need to turn this into a revenue-generating business, but I’m also looking to do this in a way that it just adds so much value to the people who are my clients, the people that I will be serving. 

With that, I wish you a happy new year. Because today, again, is January 1st, 2021. Let’s put 2020 behind us. For a lot of us it was a tough year. And I am eager to see what 2021 brings and the future in general. Take care.