Podcast Guest Application

Thank you for your interest in joining me for an episode of the GetCoached360 podcast!

I’m excited and honoured when a fantastic coach like yourself wants to share their awesomeness with my audience. To ensure I’m always providing the highest quality episodes possible, please follow the steps below to start the process of having you on the show.

Thank you!!

Here's What I Do For You And Your Episode

  • Access to a new audience
  • High production value
  • More content to share
  • Mentions and tagging on social media
  • Backlinks from the SEO show notes
  • Listing on most major podcast directories
  • Authority and personal brand building
  • Transcription of the episode
  • New potential clients

As you can see, there’s a lot of time and money put into each episode. That’s because when I started this, I intended to build something that I could be proud of and that people would appreciate.

I’m mentioning this because I have an ask of every one of my guests. Please help me get your episode into as many people’s ears as possible. This means sharing and promoting to everyone you know.

Does that work for you?

Then continue to the next section for steps on how to apply to be a guest.

How To Apply


  • Please listen to the Intro episode (linked above) and review the FAQs. This covers 95% of the common questions most people have.
  • The purpose of the 15-minute call is to determine a few things; the quality of your audio, video and internet, do we get along, and the topic for an episode. Please use the setup you would be using for the podcast recording.
  • We’ll use Zoom for the recording.
  • A webcam is required because the recorded video is used as content.
  • A quality USB microphone is required. This ensures the best quality sound for the podcast.
  • A reliable internet connection. Hardwired is preferred over WiFi, as it’s more stable.