Coaching Sessions to Help You Reach Financial Freedom Faster!

Each episode of the GetCoached360 podcast is a coaching session on mindset, productivity, marketing and everything else that an aspiring entrepreneur needs to quit their day job so they can…

  • Pursue what they are most passionate about
  • Do what they want, whenever they want
  • Build a legacy for their family
  • And so much more!

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Who Is Chris Ippolito?

Chris Ippolito is on the same journey as his audience. He still works his 9-5 while balancing the responsibilities of being a husband, father and growing the GetCoached360 business and podcast.

After interviewing over one hundred coaches, Chris couldn’t help but gain more clarity and focus on where he wanted to take GetCoached360 and who he wanted help.

About GetCoached360

GetCoached360 is here to make the benefits of coaching more accessible and affordable to entrepreneurs who are early in their journey.

The life-changing impact that a coach can have should be available to anyone willing to put in the work. That’s the mission of GetCoached360.

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